Do you need an esthetician license to do eyelash extensions in Florida? 


In Florida, the state does not require a specific certification for applying eyelash extensions, but it does require someone to obtain a cosmetologist, esthetician, full specialist, facial specialist or medical license.

How long will it take to become certified?

The courses can be taken all in one day or over time. You can stay practice with us for 3 days if you need more time . Most students complete the courses in one day.

How do i get my certificate?

You must complete one application on a live model . You will then receive feedback and your certificate


Who can attend our courses?

Anyone over 16 years of age can attend our courses. N0 prerequisites are necessary. Male or female students are allowed. No licenses or prior certifications are required to attend.

What does continuous support mean?

Students who are interested in additional mentoring or shadowing for any reason can reach out to our team. We allow students to demonstrate or provide pictures of their work to get feedback and help in their area of improvement.